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Event Areas

Each year we run in excess of 100 activities during the weekend. These are divided into five areas of the grounds as well as some off-site activities. Listed below are each of the areas and the events normally available within them. Please note that weather as well as other circumstances beyond our control may make it impossible to run some activities during some years.

We are always looking to add additional activities that would be of interest to the youth attending and appreciate any input or feedback you may have. Please use the contact us link at any time to send along your comments.

Event Area 1 (Around the Main house) Event list

Event Area 2 (East of the Entrance Road) Event list

Event Area 3 (Along the River Front) Event list

Event Area 4 (Upper Field High Adventure) Event list

Event Area 5 (Upper and Lower Barn) Event list

Event Area 6 (Off Site) Event list